Trade Mark


What is Trademark?

A trade mark is a sign that you can use to distinguish your business’ goods or services from those of other traders. A trade mark can be represented graphically in the form of your company’s logo or a signature.

Services offered by our company

Our company provide many services for various types of business people in which trademark service plays a vital role. Before anyone starts up a business their logo or a brand name has to be registered. In that case registering a logo is not easy to be a long process. Our company provides you the services by which they will fulfil all the formalities and make you comfortable in the process. Creating a logo is not simpler, you have to create the unique logo by comparing the other companies also. After creating the logo it has to be registered under trademark and it will take two years to get complete in which the entire registration process by the government.

By which the officials will thoroughly examine, while the process is continuing it may get rejected also but one should respond to the questions asked by the examiner and make him clearly understand and then he will accept to publish in the trademark journal. After that anybody can oppose the registration of trademark within three to four months from the date of publishing in the journal. But each and everyone has to present the case before him, he may accept or denied. After all enquires without any delay they will publish the trademark immediately services with lesser complication.

The trademark once registered will be valid for 10 years of time, after that we have to renew for every 10 years of periodical duration. If the company fails to renew between 6 months gap then the trademark will be removed from the trademark journal and registration. After that the company has to renew with an additional amount from 6 months to one year from the date of expiry. For all the above process our company provides you the complete information and they will do all the needs according to the requirement.

We help from filing a trademark application to its final trademark registration in India. Further, we handle the entire process of trademark registration, namely

  1. preparing responses to examination report
  2. filing an opposition
  3. responding to an opposition
  4. amendment of applications; and
  5. attending opposition hearings whenever required

We provide cost-effective and efficient services in handling trademark registration in India.