Franchise Consulting


When it comes to franchising it is not a easy job and it cannot be done in a haste. It requires a minimum of six months to complete the entire process which involves many steps. But do not worry as we are here for you to guide you and take you forward in the right path.

The initial step would be evaluation where things like structure of the franchise, number of units, growth strategy etc should be decided. Then the next and the most important step would be financial analysis. Here is where you decide regarding all the financial issues and needs completely before proceeding further.

Then we go about looking for a suitable location for the franchise. Simultaneously we prepare the operations and procedures manual. This is very important and complete care with the preparation as this would give a complete outlook to several of your questions at a later stage. Franchise agreements and the other disclosure documents are to be prepared after which recruitment and training would be done.

All these steps might sound tedious but we at strategizer make it simple with our round the clock services.

What We Do
If you plan to franchise your business you can rely on us for professional, cost-effective, specialist advice. We can take you through the entire process, quickly and efficiently, to make it a success.
The first step is to confirm that your business model can be franchised and identify how your franchise consulting system would operate. It would look to answer the following questions:

  • Can your business be franchised?
  • Is franchising the best way forward?
  • How would the franchise system operate?
  • What are the potential financial rewards for you as the franchisor and the franchisee?
  • How would your initial and ongoing income be generated from franchising?
  • What resources will you need to build and support a franchise network?
  • What are the critical factors of success?

The second stage takes you to the point where you are ready to begin marketing the franchise consulting and recruiting pilot franchisees including:

  • Franchise recruitment procedure and documentation
  • Induction training and support programme
  • Production of a Franchise Agreement
  • Creation of a Franchise Operations Manual
  • Franchise territory analysis
  • Production of franchisee cash flow and profit & loss forecasts
  • Resource analysis for the franchisor organization
  • Production of franchisor profit and loss forecasts
  • Advice on setting up and running pilot operations
  • Refining package and fee structure
  • Refining management structure
  • Refining franchisee profile
  • Developing franchise marketing plan and marketing materials