The Egg Stop

The Egg Stop

The Egg Stop-Named one of The Finest Multi-concept Companies in the Pan Asian Region is developed by Zon Group founded by, Dr.M.A.Babu, Renowned Public Health Expert, and owns and operates chain of Nutritious Egg specialty restaurant and drives a multi-faceted, multi- model focused on developing cutting-edge brands with unparalleled dining experiences.

The brand identity for the Egg Stop restaurant is unique. The team really pushes the boundaries of the bright yellow and white colour combination. The logo is simple in its delivery of a visual metaphor while the supporting design work takes off in many directions all boiling down to a fun look and feel.

Place, product, pricing, and promotion (the four Ps) are key points that The Egg stop restaurant. On operating the Egg stop restaurant owners have to deal with regularly on top of meeting Quality food and food safety standards. This means Franchisees must understand their competitive landscape. Franchisees should also know that running an independent restaurant is different from managing or operating a restaurant chain, which invites additional complications like incentive alignment, bureaucracies, growth strategy, and operational guidelines.

Franchise Facts :

  • Area Required : 300 – 500 Sqft
  • Investment Required : 10 – 15Lakhs
  • Franchise Fee : 3 Lakhs
  • Agreement Tenure : 5 Years

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