At the KUDOS Playschool, we provide a serene, safe and caring educational environment where children are encouraged to express themselves creatively and develop thinking skills while learning to respect self and others. The learning will be enriched by the culture and beliefs of child and parent. Our program encourages healthy growth in spirit, mind, and body as we strive to support the needs of child and parent. All children will be treated equally with respect and love. Our motto is “Empowering to scale new heights”.
Playschool phase is a very important phase in the life of a child. It is in this phase that a child is slowly and friendly initiated into the wider world away from the comforts of home and the cozy laps of parents and loved ones. A right start in a playschool can give a child a head start on long-term educational success.

A playschool tries to integrate a child socially so they learn about the rules and structures of society in general and school society in particular. The process is so set that the child is playfully, slowly and amiably taken through the curriculum. The program that is devised is not a one fit costume that can fit every child at this age, but can achieve most of the aspects that are required to be achieved. The need is that the child should mingle, share and socialize without any inhibition. Children learn many early social skills and manners as well as grace are reinforced in this environment. It is often the first environment where they realize that they are not the center of the universe. They will begin to learn sharing, taking turns, following directions and will gain a sense of pride in their independence.

At KUDOS we strive to achieve these with a motto “Empowering to scale new heights”
Franchise Facts :

  • Area Required : 1800 – 2000 sqft
  • Investment Required : 7-8 Lakhs
  • Franchise Fee : 2.5 Lakhs
  • Agreement Tenure : 5 Years
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