How to measure franchisee satisfaction?

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The overall success of the franchise business is dependent on the efforts and contribution of both the franchisee as well as franchisor. Being a franchisor, franchisees are your customers, and it is important that you ensure high satisfaction levels in an everchanging business environment. Greater satisfaction levels are achieved when franchisors are highly committed to franchisees and viceversa. Franchisors should ensure they have the required infrastructure, time and resources to guarantee the continuity of the business franchise network.

How to define Satisfaction?    
Franchisee satisfaction is defined how a franchisee’s experiences are comapred to that of expectations. Satisfactions levels will be greater when expectations are met or surpassed, and when franchisors are able to add value in terms of the product, brand and service offering, training & support systems, operations and procedure manual, franchisee relationship and so on.

Franchisors should always bear the golden rule in mind: never overpromise and underdeliver. It is so important to be realistic, set and manage franchisee’s expectations through proper communincation and consistent interaction. In the case of the franchisee’s or franchisor’s excpectations not met, it can lead to a fall in the satisfaction level of the franchise network. So it is important to measure the satisfaction level identifying the right tools and implementing them accordingly:

Communication is of real essence when you start to measure satisfaction. Franchisors have to explain to franchisees:
Why satisfaction is critical?

Here are some of the methods that will be useful for measuring satisfaction and how information will be gathered:
Qualitative techniques including frachisee workshops, community and focus groups

Quantitative techniques including e-surveys

  • What information type will be collected, for instance:
  • Understanding the expectations of franchisees
  • Ascertain areas that franchisees are most and least satisfied with
  • Determining where you can fail as a franchisor and identify problem areas that demand attention
  • Assessing the competition
  • Effectiveness of marketing
  • Franchisee loyalty
  • How effective is your support infrastructure?
  • How effective is your communication?
  • Training requirements and efficiencies
    Measuring the franchisees’s emotional aspects. For instance, possibility to renew franchise after agreement term expiry; would they recommend the franchise or their brand product and service offering to others?
  • Finding out any new areas of opportunities for the network
  • Overall satisfaction levels
  • Financial expectations
  • How information gathered from survery can be useful to improve the franchise network, ensuring it is sustainable and whether the franchise operation is going in the right direction?

Sharing results:
The results of the findings above can be shared at franchisee meetings, convention meetings, roadshows to foster a sense of open culture, confidence and trust within the franchise network. A convention of selected franchisees should be selected and involved in decissions and discussions.

Monitoring of franchisee satisfaction:
This is critical once you start measuring and sharing the results. Survey or focus groups can be conducted and the period may differ per industry according to the seasonality. In most cases franchise satisfaction levels must be measured annually as the franchisor will get an opportunity to measure changing franchise expectations and perceptions(comparitive measuring tool) over a particular period.

Strategise and take action:
Once the franchisor is done with the data collection and analysis, it needs to develop strategies around overall franchise satisfaction outcome levels. Identify critical areas that require immediate attention and act on them accordingly. Communicate with the franchise network where required and involve them at all levels.How to measure franchisee satisfaction

Franchise consulting services provider:
A good franchise consulting services provider like Strategizer can be employed by a franchisor to get the required feedback from the franchisees as they will be more partcipative and responsive with a outsourced service provider than dealing with the franchisor directly. Strategizer is an expert consultancy adept at building and designing cotent for franchise reasearch tools.  Survey of workshop/focus groups will be effective as Strategizer is unbiased and objective to the franchise business network. Simply check out to know about Business Opportunities in Chennai and how we can best help franchisors effectively measure franchise network’s satisfaction levels today.

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