food franchise business in india

How to choose a Food franchise in India?


The word food business strikes any common man’s head when they plan to start a business. This is mostly because we believe the food and beverage industry is a recession-proof industry. The unique product varieties and approaches that people are welcoming in this fast-evolving industry are other driving factors to make one choose this stream.

While taking a food franchise business, people generally consider the food and beverage sector is commonly known as the F&B sector, due to important reasons such as,

  • Lack of knowledge about other available sectors/ industries
  • High visibility of product movement/ sale
  • Attractive menus
  • Fast-moving and innovative recipes

While these factors are the major reason, the other factors that attract investors towards food franchises in India are,

  • Assumption that anyone can be the end consumer
  • Proven kitchen management techniques
  • Proven operation process
  • Assuming high demand for the products
  • Low investment business
  • Good profit-making industry

Food franchises business can be categorized majorly into restaurants, quick-service restaurants (QSR), cloud kitchen, fast foods, café, brasserie and bistro, express model, resto-bar, beverage shops, etc. Of these QSR models- quick-service restaurants are very prevalent in food franchises in India. About 35% of first-time entrepreneurs involve themselves in taking franchise of quick services restaurant. Products like ice-cream parlor, kulfi outlet, tea and coffee shops, shawarma shop, wraps, momos, burger, sandwiches, fresh juice, cakes, and confectionaries are major fast-moving products in QSR Franchise in India

The preference of taking the QSR franchise is because it usually involves

  • Low investment comparatively
  • Lesser workspace
  • Unqualified chefs shall be sufficient.
  • Less preparation time frame
  • Easily learnable skill sets

These points make an investor very relevant to take a QSR food franchise business.

One should be aware of the type of Quick Service Restaurant Business such as,


A suitable example for this type is McDonald’s, KFC, Mud Cups, etc where the consumer orders at the counter, as the order is ready, the consumer picks the product themselves.


Starbucks, Chicwalk, Tea Talkies, Juice World Fresh N Juicy, Tik Talk, etc follow this type. When the consumer orders at the counter and shall be served at the table or the other way around, the consumer order is collected at the table and serving is done on the counter.


The best example is Juice World Fresh N Juicy, Saravana Bhavan, etc, where the order and serving are done on the table for the consumer.

It is always good to choose the franchise with many things in consideration. To know more about other categories in Food franchise options in India, look ahead for our next….