Franchise Operations Training


Ideal Franchise Training programs all should optimise the usage of resources and right sharing of Franchisors knowledge to all in the franchise chain. Training makes unit franchisees a replica of franchisor in all terms right from policy adherence to culture similarities. Training need to be imparted prior to the start of operations, so that resources deployed are instilled with company policies and made aware of the brand they going to represent.

Usually Trainings are conducted at the Corporate Office or at Unit franchisee location, training consists of typical in house training and on the market training. Training starts with in-house instructions given to the trainees on the market tasks to be carried out and later with evaluation of tasks done on the day. Following day, training starts with revision of previous day learnings and transits on to the job part, which is role and responsibilities of franchisees. Role plays ensure they understands the real time situation and know how to handle them with right approach,

Training and impartation of skills is an investment, which involves lots of homework like choosing right collaterals with right teaching aids, thus saving time and cost on the investment. Generally, Homework involves deep understanding of operation manuals, functioning units, company’s website and Collateral like promotional CDs. Trainees are tested on the above inputs as preliminary test and by clearing test they are allowed to attend regular training. Pre training homework’s saves time and cost on the franchisor while it will have effective impact during training program. Regular training program makes the franchisee to run the unit independently with ease and confidence Training programs can be conducted periodically once or twice in a calendar to refresh the knowledge shared and update them on market developments. Additional Managers training can be given at on site for the chosen few at regular pace.

Irrespective of your franchise training needs, Just call us. Because all success stories are supported by many pillars and training is one of them.