Franchise Recruitment


After the successful creation of a business, the next biggest thing would be the hunt for franchisees. If there are no franchisees then expansion of the business would be slow and getting the right franchisee has to be proper as that would decide the path of our business expansion. To reduce your burden for you at this stage, we step in and make it easier for you.

We help you get the best candidates and thus help you to build your business with confidence. Our franchisee recruitment plan goes like this. we plan the initial screening carefully and try to filter most candidates and hand[pick candidates who would be best suitable for our business.

After the right franchisee is selected in the initial screening process, we arrange for a one on one meeting. If you are satisfied with the franchisee then we help you to finalize the offer for the franchisee.

We offer a one-stop Solutions for Franchise Recruitment Plan and Franchise Recruitment.
Recruiting Plan

    • Who should be my franchisees?
    • Where do I find people who want to buy my franchise?
    • How do I market the franchise?
    • What should my website say? Do I need any other collateral materials to send to prospects?
    • What process should I take prospects through?
    • What should I tell prospects about my franchise opportunity?

Franchise Recruitment Services

  • Answer all your franchise enquiries using our trained staff at our recruitment center.
  • Create database of enquiries.
  • Qualify enquiries.
  • Send out your prospectus within 24 hours.
  • Follow up enquiry.
  • Provide database daily, weekly and monthly report.
  • Test their ability to run your franchise .
  • Assess their financial situation.
  • Qualify applicants and arrange for you to conduct initial interview.
  • We find suitable applicants, they are invited to a “discovery day” where they will sign LOI.
  • Franchise Agreement Signup