Franchise Property


The success of franchise business lies in location. Its not only with this business, for any business, location is the prime thing. A location is perfect for a franchise business if it is available in the best and most flexible commercial terms to us and if it is available to us in the market place. In general, a business location is in a long term lease period.

We at strategizer have extensive up-to-date market knowledge of the available places for the franchisee business. We also take care that the location is suitable for the business that is to be started there. So the location we look for you will be based on your business needs.  We will tailor your needs and get the perfect location for you.

We begin by providing you with a wide range of property databases we have and we take care that we provide you with a secure location as well. Our location experts will fetch location based on your locational criteria.

Once you have chosen the suitable location for your business we will look out for all the available units that are available to us. Apart from locations that are available we also see if there is a potential unit that might be available in the near future.

We also have access to almost all property database apart from our extensive database. The access to the property databases enables us to facilitate the analysis of the available unit.

When the franchisee unit is confirmed then we help you across until the lease negotiations are complete. We with the help of our property team even participate in the negotiation process and take care that the terms are in your favour. Once the terms are agreed by both the sides then the transaction takes place.