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Franchise Feasibility Program - Expand Your Business

Franchise Feasibility Program

No matter if your business is fantastic, it should be assessed in accordance with the requirements for franchising. We will figure out if franchising is right for you with our unique approach.

1. Analysis of existing business

We will delve into a detailed understanding of your business products/services. Gain insights into its market nature, customer needs, and available resources to support business.

2. Franchise Feasibility In-depth Analysis

This all-inclusive analysis takes into consideration of business capacity including assessing whether the business is profitable, whether it’s an easy-to-operate model, unique or routine business model, and its track record of sustainable business operations.

3. Scope of improvements

An effective look into navigating the challenges of successful franchises. Sets out the scope of business improvement by figuring out the areas of improvement and derive opportunities to address limitations and bring improvements.

4. Evaluating financial viability

We pay close attention to the financial aspects of the franchise opportunity. We thoroughly review the key elements such as net sales of the business, gross margin, variable expenses, and operation expenses.
We will derive a mutually beneficial arrangement that incorporates the recommendation for an initial franchise fee, ongoing service fee or royalty, advertising fees (local and national), and territory mapping.

5. Onsite visit

We schedule site visits (outside Chennai) and ensure these visits spare the necessary chances to learn and grow more about the feasibility of a franchise.

6. Competition Assessment

We perform a competitive assessment with other businesses of the same profiles. We acquire detailed competitive data that covers key aspects such as understanding business models, product portfolio, and price point analysis.
We ensure your franchise opportunities stand outside of your competitors with the best recommendations on the product portfolio in the outlet.

7. Market opportunity assessment

We recognize the opportunities for growth in your specific market and formulate an actionable strategy accordingly to realize the growth.