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Franchise Essential - Expand Your Business

Franchise Essential

Go setting yourself up for success with perfect Franchise essentials. Strategizer is with you in every important step.

Stage 1:

Franchise evaluation & feasibility study
It all starts with a detailed analysis of your current business for the franchise evaluation and feasibility study. Research-good research is the best way we believe to get the information and it integrates assessing your business’s financial strength, competition analysis, recommendations, market opportunity assessment, and site visit.

Stage 2:

Structuring of business & financial plan
We look at your ideal business model FOCO/FICO/FOFO that as an industry player, you can adopt and the way forward for it. We formulate an effective financial plan, ensuring a good ROI that facilitates franchise growth and sustainability.

Stage 3:

Franchise Marketing Collaterals
We help in leveraging the power of digital marketing through franchise brochures, flyers, Presentations, and social media design and content. We will come up with articulate franchise marketing tactics that could effectively convey a unified brand message.

Stage 4:

Recruitment Forms and process
We lend a hand in attracting and retaining qualified franchisees through effective recruitment forms and processes. This covers:
● Initial franchisee application
● Prospective franchise information form
● Accounts due diligence certificate
● Confidentiality agreement
● Potential franchise checklist form

Stage 5:

Legal Documentation
Our essential guidance covers here the right legal documents to be in place to undergo the franchising process. We draft the necessary documents such as letter of intent and Franchisor – Franchise Agreement that get rid of any misunderstandings or complex disputes.

Stage 6:

Meticulously planned Franchise Acquisition training ensures your success in everyday operations. We ensure a firm grasp of the training that helps in the perfect onboarding of the process.