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Journey of The Business Owner to Franchisor

Let’s the Journey Begins:      The Journey of business owner to franchisor is completely undergone an Analyzing Some Criteria’s. The first step begins from here only, the transformation from business owner to franchisor must satisfy some Queries, once if they are satisfied only it can able to come out with flying colors and it would be great success to both the franchisor and franchisee. The main thing is feasibility which includes whether the business can be able to franchise or not. We

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We must have already been familiar with the most common route by all the franchises to franchise their business, i.e. single-unit franchising.  As we all know it is a contract based on a single location. In this case, a franchise can use the trademark of the franchiser. They can use the business system of the franchiser but both must be done only in the specified location in the contract. There is another option of opening a second or third or

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Logic vs. Emotion. Which is important in the Franchise Buying Process?

There are always two elements to decision-making: Logic and Emotion. As with everything else, you need to align your head and your heart to make sure you select the right franchise opportunity. Becoming your own boss is one thing, but whether you have what it takes to make that important decision is another. Though opportunities are a handful, every single factor must be considered before arriving at the best fit. The decision, more often than not, should be logical, and