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Pizza Business & franchising opportunities in India

Pizza Business & franchising opportunities in India Growth of Pizza’s popularity in India: Pizza, the most popular Italian savory dish, was ranked third in preference after Indian and Chinese varieties in 2017, according to a trusted source.  Pizza has taken a large piece of the pie in the share, making it a highly profitable segment in Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) format.  Industry pundits have indicated several factors fuelling the growth of Pizza’s popularity in India: increase in consumerism, growing number of women

Journey of The Business Owner to Franchisor

Let’s the Journey Begins:      The Journey of business owner to franchisor is completely undergone an Analyzing Some Criteria’s. The first step begins from here only, the transformation from business owner to franchisor must satisfy some Queries, once if they are satisfied only it can able to come out with flying colors and it would be great success to both the franchisor and franchisee. The main thing is feasibility which includes whether the business can be able to franchise or not. We

Break-Free from Corporate Life Through Franchising.

Introduction: Even if you have had a quite long and great corporate career, many of them find themselves longing for something more. If you find yourself feeling not quite satisfied with your current responsibilities, it is the correct time to consider branching out on your own to another business opportunity to becoming a franchise owner. “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”   For yourself, but not by yourself: The thought of chasing any entrepreneurial dreams

Franchise Opportunities are impressive – Yet keep an eye open for dreadful opportunities

What is a Franchise The franchise is a business model which is operated and owned by an individual, which is called as Franchisee, but that is promoted and branded by a national or multinational company. This outstanding business model allows both franchisee and franchisor to gain the full advantage to set up their successful businesses model. What is a Franchise Fraud ‘Fraud’ is a very harmful word. People are averse to frauds. Generally, they don’t use to hear and speak about this word.


The franchise agreement, a document which connects the two parties together and describes, often in great detail, exactly what each may, may not and must do during the time where the agreement is in force. The types of franchise agreement are Single unit franchise The multi-unit franchise agreement Area development franchise agreement Master franchise agreement Single unit franchise : A franchisee will invest in a single unit with no commitment or expectation that they will later open

What are the Different ways of Franchise marketing ?

Franchise marketing is where online marketing or advertising firm has various marketing  plans for a company such as commercial advertising internet advertising radio advertising mail advertisements public relations Ways of Franchise marketing : There are different ways under Franchise marketing  They are Chatbots : People nowadays, actually prefer to use these apps to communicate over traditional phone calls. Chatbots are the technology that can upgrade your franchise’s digital marketing strategy to a whole new level. 24 X 7 online assistance to customers Live chat communications Required information about the business. Marketing made simple with

Franchise Fraud & How to protect yourself against it

Defining Franchise Fraud General categories of frauds in a franchise comprises of falsified sales practices and misleading which is tricked to induce potential franchisees to incest or buy a franchise. The sales tactics used to misguide the franchisees comes in various methodologies. Stating misguided or false statements on the estimated financial performance is one of the most common methods of fraudulence in the arena of franchise. Unless until the franchisor provides you with the information about the FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) with

Business Opportunities in Chennai

What are the key trademark issues to consider for your franchise?

Hello people, how have you all been? Let me share the good news that something big is coming your way this week in terms of franchising opportunities in Dubai and the Middle East regions Strategizer has established a major partnership in the MENA region to help build strong franchise network. That’s it as of now. Further developments will be updated later. Let me discuss in this blog some of the key trademark issues that come into play when considering a franchise. Franchising

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Got a bad Franchise Opportunity? How to avoid it?

Hi, this is Iyyappan Rajendran of Strategizer again. First, Happy Diwali, folks! It’s been a busy week for me; I kind of received hundreds of franchise opportunity requests, this week —some real quality ones and some didn’t look convincing enough, no, not for me, at least. This is mainly because there isn’t a single indicator to look for when rummaging about the thousands of franchise opportunities available these days. And yet, there is no reason why you should settle

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How to create a Franchise Business Plan?

As with any new business, creating a solid business plan holds the key whether you are into creating a startup or franchise. If you are a franchisee, your business plan is a basic template of your expectations you may have of the franchise business, mostly listing the challenges and the preparedness to face them. If you’re looking to secure financing or funds for your new franchise, most investors will ask you to prepare a business plan. The good news out

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How to measure franchisee satisfaction?

The overall success of the franchise business is dependent on the efforts and contribution of both the franchisee as well as franchisor. Being a franchisor, franchisees are your customers, and it is important that you ensure high satisfaction levels in an ever–changing business environment. Greater satisfaction levels are achieved when franchisors are highly committed to franchisees and vice–versa. Franchisors should ensure they have the required infrastructure, time and resources to guarantee the continuity of the business franchise network. How to define

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How to know if your business or brand is ‘Franchise Ready’?

If you feel you can make it big in your business, then it is time you also consider opening up your business to prospective franchises – that of course is the golden rule before you start your career as a franchisor! It is also the time to ask yourself a few questions and verify whether you are ready to manage a franchisee model to potential stakeholders. The following are some of the questions that you need ask yourself: How good is

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How can a franchisor assist struggling franchisees?

The current economic downturn will see many franchisors experiencing an increase in the number of franchisees who are profit–stricken. Franchisees that are struggling are certainly not good signs for a brand. What can a franchisor do to help a struggling franchisee? Firstly, as a franchisor, it is important to make an honest self–assessment of whether you have the business model and the required support structure in place to offer the best possible support to each franchisee. This means you need to review

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Six ways to market your Franchised Business

There are six ways to market your franchised business: direct mail, advertising, sales, promotions, online or digital marketing and public relations.  Take the most successful franchisors in the world, they have broken down these 6 pillars of marketing franchised business and continue to innovate, adapt and fine-tune as the results vary.  The following are some of the ways to market your franchised business: Advertising: The mother of all marketing campaigns – advertising is not just print media. As a franchisor you must