Business Brokerage


In order to find the answer to this, the first step is to know who is a business broker and what is their task?. These brokers are otherwise known as business transfer agents and they are helpful for buyers and sellers in guiding them to the right purchase or sale of privately held business.

It is a tedious task to collection information about this kind of business and this is where the role of these agents plays a role. There are certain things that these people would help us the purchasers. They are

  • They assist the client in letting them know the right value of their purchase. Each agent follows a different technique for this process of establishing a MPSP value.
  • They also help in maintaining the confidentiality of the deal
  • They coordinate in the negotiation process
  • They help us to screen the buyers according to their ability to purchase based on their research.
  • They help in doing the paperwork according to the latest laws and regulations. The business broker is always aware of the latest laws and thus it would be very easy for them.

These kind of tedious tasks come handy to you when you get in touch with us.  We are like a complete package that you can rely on us for all your business franchising needs. We offer flexible services that suit the needs of the customer.

Services provided by us to our clients.

  • Our first main policy is to establish confidentiality of a business.
  • We at strategizer help our client to know the true value of their business with the help of business valuation team whose members are certified business brokers.
  • Our team members have a thorough knowledge of market and thus know the right value of the business in the local market.
  • Most importantly we save your time and reduce your stress too.

Once you are with us, we are responsible for attracting the most prospective buyer and we do that in many ways according to the needs of our clients.

Process of Business Buying

  • Initial Meeting with Franchise Expert Mr.Iyyappan Rajendran
  • Buyer’s Background
  • Buyers goals ,Motivation & Expectations
  • Registration to be done.
  • Short listing prospective brands
  • Representing the franchise investor to the prospective brands.
  • Submitting the proposal of the shortlisted brands to the franchise investor
  • Analysis & Research
  • Purchase proposal
  • Franchise Investor and Brand Owner Meet.
  • Negotiations
  • Due Diligence
  • Agreement Signup Process.