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We must have already been familiar with the most common route by all the franchises to franchise their business, i.e. single-unit franchising.  As we all know it is a contract based on a single location. In this case, a franchise can use the trademark of the franchiser. They can use the business system of the franchiser but both must be done only in the specified location in the contract. There is another option of opening a second or third

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Logic vs. Emotion. Which is important in the Franchise Buying Process?

There are always two elements to decision-making: Logic and Emotion. As with everything else, you need to align your head and your heart to make sure you select the right franchise opportunity. Becoming your own boss is one thing, but whether you have what it takes to make that important decision is another. Though opportunities are a handful, every single factor must be considered before arriving at the best fit. The decision, more often than not, should be logical, and

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Are you an emerging Franchise brand? How you can create an effective PR strategy?

I come across a lot of franchisors seeking to gain instant attention. I recommend a sound PR strategy for cost-effective lead generation; in fact, an integrated public relations strategy, forming the core of creative content across both free and paid online and offline media channels, is what I am referring to here. Another important point here is that any PR campaign strategy should have the right mix—content marketing, social media and content marketing that will capture the intended marketing goals: putting

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What is a Franchise Operations Manual?

I am often questioned at during franchise meetings and business meet, expos and even during one-to-one consulting sessions on what is the most important manual that any franchise should have at its disposal. My answer, any given time, is a ‘franchise operations manual’. Going beyond, it is the ‘DNA’ of a franchise system – the foundation upon which franchise unit performance, conduct and procedures are built. It gives a sense of direction to the standards, specifications, and procedures with which franchisees

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What are the key trademark issues to consider for your franchise?

Hello people, how have you all been? Let me share the good news that something big is coming your way this week in terms of franchising opportunities in Dubai and the Middle East regions Strategizer has established a major partnership in the MENA region to help build strong franchise network. That’s it as of now. Further developments will be updated later. Let me discuss in this blog some of the key trademark issues that come into play when considering a franchise. Franchising

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Got a bad Franchise Opportunity? How to avoid it?

Hi, this is Iyyappan Rajendran of Strategizer again. First, Happy Diwali, folks! It’s been a busy week for me; I kind of received hundreds of franchise opportunity requests, this week —some real quality ones and some didn’t look convincing enough, no, not for me, at least. This is mainly because there isn’t a single indicator to look for when rummaging about the thousands of franchise opportunities available these days. And yet, there is no reason why you should

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How to create a Franchise Business Plan?

As with any new business, creating a solid business plan holds the key whether you are into creating a startup or franchise. If you are a franchisee, your business plan is a basic template of your expectations you may have of the franchise business, mostly listing the challenges and the preparedness to face them. If you’re looking to secure financing or funds for your new franchise, most investors will ask you to prepare a business plan. The good news out

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How to measure franchisee satisfaction?

The overall success of the franchise business in india is dependent on the efforts and contribution of both the franchisee as well as franchisor. Being a franchisor, franchisees are your customers, and it is important that you ensure high satisfaction levels in an ever–changing business environment. Greater satisfaction levels are achieved when franchisors are highly committed to franchisees and vice–versa. Franchisors should ensure they have the required infrastructure, time and resources to guarantee the continuity of the business franchise

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How to know if your business or brand is ‘Franchise Ready’?

If you feel you can make it big in your business, then it is time you also consider opening up your business to prospective franchises – that of course is the golden rule before you start your career as a franchisor! It is also the time to ask yourself a few questions and verify whether you are ready to manage a franchisee model to potential stakeholders. The following are some of the questions that you need ask yourself: How good is

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How can a franchisor assist struggling franchisees?

The current economic downturn will see many franchisors experiencing an increase in the number of franchisees who are profit–stricken. Franchisees that are struggling are certainly not good signs for a brand. What can a franchisor do to help a struggling franchisee? Firstly, as a franchisor, it is important to make an honest self–assessment of whether you have the business model and the required support structure in place to offer the best possible support to each franchisee. This means you need to review

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Six ways to market your Franchised Business

There are six ways to market your franchised business: direct mail, advertising, sales, promotions, online or digital marketing and public relations.  Take the most successful franchisors in the world, they have broken down these 6 pillars of marketing franchised business and continue to innovate, adapt and fine-tune as the results vary.  The following are some of the ways to market your franchised business: Advertising: The mother of all marketing campaigns – advertising is not just print media. As a franchisor you

How easier things can be when you visit a Franchise consultant:

In this present world, people prefer starting up their own business rather than working for someone. As a result, the competition for starting a business has increased. If you are a person who has a good amount of money and confused about what sort of business can suit you then you can approach a Franchise Consultant in india who can help you in many ways for starting a business. By franchising, you can have a good amount of reach

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Franchise consultant role between Franchisee & Franchisor

Business is a place where all kind of persons who meet and gets involved in the deal. There are a lot of opportunities to bring the business to the new level by making sure not missing any aspect of chances not to be missed. Everyone in the field wants to build a new business and expand it as well. From a well-established organization to a start-up, everyone wants to mark their feet strongly on the market. Due to this reason,

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How does Franchise Consultant work for Franchisee?

Hiring a franchise consultant can save you a lot of time & your investment by experience they have gained over many years in a franchise business. They assist you, advise you & help you with every step you keep forward. This article is explained to you how a franchisee can make use of these franchise consultants, Strategizer to improve business and to be a successful franchisee. Franchise consultants like Strategizer can create a number of Business Opportunities in Chennai


Best things you should know about Franchise Consultants?

Chennai & Coimbatore are the smart cities in Tamil Nadu which has large population. Due to the large population in these two cities, development of industries and other business activities had seen a massive growth. Many mammoth companies indulge in extending of their business, so they take all possible ways to achieve it, one of the step handled by them is franchising. As these two cities Chennai & Coimbatore have lot of options to build business there are more

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How can a franchise consultant assist you?

Examining franchise opportunities can take a lot of time & you may be uncovered to things that you are not casual with, such as reviewing & understanding documents, putting together business strategy or arranging funding. Then there is the enormous task of deciding which opportunity to chase when you have numerous options. As a franchise consultant, we Strategizer can lend a hand to you from several perspectives & create Franchise Opportunities in Chennai  for you. Self-Assessment, Opportunity Assessment, Reviewing

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All you need to know about Franchise Consultants?

Looking for a good time to put money into franchise business? It’s now. Market has ripped & most colossal organizations are in a fully developed stage where they are ready to expand their firm a step forward through franchising. There are countless top franchising opportunities in the market, because of this; investors are in confusion in choosing an apt business. To overcome this problem faced by investors, they should reach Franchise Consultant  who would give best solutions in it. There

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Magnificent Franchising Opportunities in Fruits & Vegetable Shops

Food is an indispensable & vital need to people, in the absence of food no one will sustain in this world, nowadays humans started to explore a diversification in foods and habit of taking food have changed in contemporary years. One of the fast growing industries is Food industry.  Starting a new franchise in selling fruits and vegetable business will make you to get more profit; healthy & organic fruits and vegetables are really good to health and people started


How to become a Franchisee?

What all to be done to become a Franchisee First, we should know the concept of Franchisee & Franchiser. To obtain a Franchisee, we should undertake a legal agreement with the firm who already have established very well in business for a particular product or a brand. If you’re new to franchise, then you can contact Franchise business in Chennai to make your business to go smooth. The franchisee should robust & consistent to take over the brand. At the

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Excellent Business Opportunities, Franchising in Hotels

Food is an essential & basic need to people, without food no one can survive in this world, nowadays people started to explore a new variety of foods and habit of taking food have changed in recent years. One of the fast growing industries is hotel and restaurant industry.  Starting a new franchise in hotel business, everyone needs a Hotel Franchise Consultant to get a great ideas and guidance in developing the business, so we Strategizer – The best


Can I qualify for a Franchise?

What do I need to do to pass the franchisor’s test? As a franchisor, you are under no obligation to award a franchise business to anyone who can keep you happy with the franchise fee. Like any other business, a franchise company should look forward to the best minds to head individual franchises. The concept of franchising is based on a robust and consistent brand value and should embrace only those who can represent the brand positively. At the same

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Excellent Business Opportunities in Franchising in Gym

Wouldn’t it be cool to follow the best practices of fitness and stay fit? Yes, nowadays everyone loves to be fit and muscled to look. Changing our body into a fitness mode will make us to feel energetic & confident to move out in the world. There are many established fitness brand centers to give gym franchise Opportunities in Chennai by offering franchise to body builders to start gym. Fitness awareness started to increase among youngsters in recent years. This

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Reasons to hire a Franchise Consultant

A franchise business consultant dons a major role in the franchise business industry. As per a study conducted by KPMG, the franchising industry in India is slated to grow exponentially in volume in the coming years making for nearly 4% of the country’s GDP and is forecasted to generate about 11 million employment opportunities by 2017–18. The biggest stumbling block, however, is the lack of a uniform code of business practices in the country which has pushed the franchise fraternity

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Why investing in a fast food franchising can be better than other investments

There are many business options are availing in the market when capitalizing your money. All of us need to choose the right one with a good return on investment value and business stability. It is better to move to put your savings into the fast food franchise business that will keep produce you the seamless income for your financial goal. This is where fast food franchise comes in to show. Not like other investing opportunities, acquiring a fast food franchise

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Evolving Franchise opportunities in automobile sector

Auto body workshop renovates huge damages in cars like those continued from vehicle crashes. Specialists in auto body garages major objectives are to reinstate the car’s performance and restoring again its own new look after the reparation. Some of the core amenities that the workshop provides are swapping a broken windshield, repairing physical damage, readjusting the damaged car frames and chassis, and fixing replacement car parts. Creating a bushed car look like new again is the biggest challenge, by repainting ensures

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Things to make a right franchise business model

A well-planned franchise is the finest way to grow and get success in business for the entrepreneurs to work within a safe business atmosphere. Here the following features will make your business functions at peak capability. Many of the features decide the business fate whether it is profitable or not but unfortunately these things might not be a universal one. Before planning to make an effective transformation in franchising, a business model requires a lot of business-related research and strategies. There can

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Emerging business opportunities in Gym Franchise

The Sports & fitness business looks like well grown-up significantly in recent years just because of increasing health and fitness awareness among youngsters. This inspires many of the people to start their own gym to make money and that makes to see a fitness Centre on every street corner. In this modern age, people’s food culture and routine life cycle make them gain weight that makes them flock to a well-equipped gym with the tons of hopes to lose their

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How to draft a plan to own a franchise?

The golden rule to make a business plan is always pin in mind about the assets and current liabilities. Project yourself about where you want to end in next some years. Define a sales figure that wants to achieve in the upcoming years. These unswerving goals make you think better by identifying the challenges and how close you were to achieve your goals. Then, draft your unique b-plan to make those goals real. Generate a comprehensive roadmap to show about

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How to set goals to grow in franchise business?

The reason behind most of the peoples likes to own a franchise is to identify themselves by running their own business with the low amount of risk factor. Many of them get settled on the comfort zone without any furthermore future business-related goals. This is an unfair mindset which reduces their thinking ability and business growth. If you want to grow more in your franchise business in chennai, should have a long run goal. Be honest about your goals. Always keep

Ice Creams franchise business

Make some “cool “ profit by owing ice-cream franchising

Are you the person who becomes depressed on your day to day fun less job cycle? This blog helps you to come over through from your mechanical lifestyle by owning happiest and fun fill ice-cream franchising business. Ice-cream franchising is the coolest and most profitable business in the present decade with less amount of risk factor. Nothing makes you feel better than by seeing your customers smile with bliss when you deliver them a special delicious, icy & tastiest treat. That