Space Trek


SpaceTrek is a conglomerate of hardware, software and show Production Company. We focus on imparting knowledge, class-wise on topics such as space science, astronomy, earth science and so on. We are producing shows on syllabus to cater the schools as a compliment to classroom education.

A Global Company, SpaceTrek aspires to be a thought leader in the space of Immersive Education. The concept of Immersive Education is prevalent in the WEST and has immense potential to be developed on this side of the world. We are a team of enthusiastic Edupreneurs, striving to drive innovation by replacing the passive ‘teach by telling’ methodology with an active ‘learn by doing’ approach.

Currently in India, there is no one competing in the Immersive Education domain. SpaceTrek provides a niche, with an unparalleled business opportunity for Edupreneurs who strongly believe in innovation and creating a lasting impression in the field of Education and Business.

Overall, it is a fantastic business opportunity for people who believe in creating sustainable impact and changing things the way things are traditionally done. What’s more, as a homage to such bravehearts, Space Trek has decided to offer its programs at a discounted pricing for existing franchisees!

Franchise Facts :

  • Investment Required:  5- 6 Lakhs
  • Agreement Tenure : 3 yrs
  • Franchise Fee : 2.5  Lakhs