The Kati Roll Shop

The Kati Roll Shop, marked as one of the BEST Street Food restaurants by “THE WEEK”, has been recognized as a fast growing business in Chennai. It is started by the young entrepreneur, Arnav Bajoria, Proprietor of AAA Hospitality.

The Kati Roll Shop opened its doors to Chennai in very modest surroundings with no publicity or

Promotions, in a 80 Sqft area under  a staircase in R.K Salai, in July 2012. The Kati Roll Shop quickly

Became recognized for its wholesome meal or scrumptious snack … whatever you may want to call it!  6 Shops old and 2 in the pipeline, we have hordes of people thronging our many branches to satiate their hunger pangs day in and day out.

Our valued and vast client base boasts of top notch celebrities and politicians to young students from nearby colleges and schools. At The Kati Roll Shop, we offer tongue tingling flavours of Kati Rolls to nurture the growl in your stomachs and satisfy your taste buds.

We remain the benchmark because we are the first to bring the concept of Kati Rolls to Chennai.

Good food comes from happy souls! We take care of each other first, and our food takes care of our customers.


Format Area Required Investment Required Agreement Tenure Franchise Fee Average Pay Back  Period
Franchise Owned Franchise Operated 100- 200 sqft. 6 – 7  Lakhs 3 years  3 Lakhs  15 – 18 Months