ALOHA International is the world’s largest abacus training company. It has trained more than 5 million students in the last 23 years of existence. ALOHA International is an affiliate of MAMAA (Malaysian Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Association), a premier institution recognized the world over and Zhejiang Abacus Association, a distinguished agency for computing techniques headquartered in Hong-shou, China.

ALOHA International is a reputed internally accredited educational institution with 5500 centres spread across 34 Countries.


In India, ALOHA International has partnered ALOHA INDIA in the year 2002, to render quality ABACUS education to the Indian audience. ALOHA INDIA has the distinction of being the first Indian educational establishment to be awarded the coveted ISO 9001 – 2000 certification in the field of abacus education, which was upgraded to ISO 9001 – 2008.

Today as a vibrant organization, Aloha India stands for a mission committed to creating a new generation mentally equipped for challenges in a competitive environment. It has been elevating the faculties of a large number of students through its innumerable training centres across India.


Franchise Facts :

  • Area Required : 500 sqft
  • Investment Required : 3-5 Lakhs
  • Franchise Fee : 1 Lakh


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