Marketing and Recruitment Package



  • The consultant will do necessary business development efforts at its own discretion, to prospect franchisee and the use the information on our websites, and other marketing & publicity activities to reach out to potential franchisees.
  • We utilize social media platforms effectively to bring in targeted prospects.
  • Lead generation is done on an everyday basis using our various strategies.
  • A database is created for all the leads gathered. It is updated regularly.
  • All the leads in the database will be called by our trained key accounts manager to clearly explain them the details of your brand.
  • During the initial interview with the leads, we will begin to qualify the leads by assessing their passion, ability to run the franchise business, financial situation and any other qualities deemed fit.
  • A regular follow up will be done.
  • Our qualified prospects will be arranged at an initial level meeting with your brand members.
  • The qualified prospects will be invited to sign the LOI (Franchise fee will be paid to the brand).
  • Franchise Agreement Sign Up.